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Jasmine Stevens  



About the Author:

Jasmine Stevens is a Romance Author based in beautiful Newcastle, Australia.The natural beauty of the serene beaches of Newcastle and the tranquil countryside of The Hunter Valley, influences her when writing her Rural Fiction novels. She is an avid reader, and drinker of tea.

Married with two children, Jasmine juggles her writting career with a fulltime carreer in Childcare. Writing is her passion and is seeing her lifelong dream come true on the 5th Febuary when her debut novel Waiting For You is released.



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5 Blushing Moments with Jasmine Stevens 



What /Who inspired you to become a writer? How did it all begin for you?

So many people have influenced and inspired me to become an author. My Mum, introduced me to books and I immediately fell in love with reading. My enjoyment of reading led to my love of writing and my high school English teacher Mr Beckett fostered and helped me develop my writing skills. I will never forget the day I secretly wanted to become a writer. Mr Beckett came into our classroom dressed in military uniform and ordered us to march to the teachers car park.We were put into lines, like we were soldiers and Mr Beckett was the drill sergeant. He was exactly that, when he spoke we jumped to attention. He yelled at us like we were about to head off to war. I still remember the poem he recited to us, it was called Weapons Training by Donald
Bruce Dawe and it was like nothing I’d ever heard before. It was the best English lesson I hadever had and after it was over I knew I wanted to be an author. To have the ability to evoke somany different emotions in a reader, to pose questions, provoke thoughts about life, beliefs and love and to take readers on a journey to places they would never go where they can immerse themselves in the characters lives and their experiences. This was something I wanted to share with others.


What made you choose Rural romance as your writing genre?

I have loved reading rural romance ever since I read one of Rachael Johns earlier rural romance novels. I love rural romance, so I thought why not write it. I haven’t got any experience when it comes to working on the land. I grew up in the city of Newcastle but I had family and friends who owned farms and worked on the land, and we visited their properties regularly. As a little girl it was an adventure, and I imagined that one day I would own my very own farm. That hasn’t happened but I still feel drawn towards country living and when I travel with my family I loveheading to rural settings. We have some of the most beautiful countryside in Australia andthere’s nothing like country hospitality.


When your not writing you are …….??

I am a mum to two teenagers which keeps me fairly busy. They play many sports so sometimes I feel a bit like a taxi service. I am also a wife to my husband of 15 years and we enjoy going out for dinner or to the movies and just relaxing in front of the t.v together. I have been a Preschool educator for 20 years, and have worked at the same long daycare centre for 18 years. I work fulltime and then with writing and family commitments it doesn’t leave much time for anything else,but I always squeeze in time to read. I get up early of a morning, boil the kettle and read for ½ an hour and this is my time, for me.


What advice could you offer to aspiring authors wanting to release their debut novels?

Go for it. If you are passionate about writing, and it is your dream to be an author than do it. Live your dream, but the only person that can do it is you. It is hard work, you have to have a thick skin, and you have to be willing to push your boundaries. There are going to be obstacles- there always are. But jump over them, go around them, crawl under them and if that doesn’t work plough through them. I’ve definitely had to. But don’t give up, if this is what you really want to do. Do it. An organisation that has helped me immensely is Romance Writers of Australia. This is wonderful organisation that offers so much support for aspiring authors as well as established authors. I have had my work critiqued, and have participated in workshops where I have learned so much in regards to the craft of writing. And the great thing about it is that everybody wants to help each other. So I would certainly suggest joining.

What are you currently working on? What can we expect to see from you in 2019? 

I am working on the second novel in The Holbrook Series. It is called ‘All of You’ and I am hoping to release it in time for Christmas this year. The first book in this series is called Waiting for You, which is available through Amazon on 5 th February 2019.




Eighteen years ago, Charlotte Denver left the quaint country town of Holbrook after a tragic accident. Now, she’s back in town to renovate her old family home, which will feature in the magazine where she’s employed as a journalist. Making the rundown house sellable will allow Charlotte to sever all ties with her tragic past and finally move forward with her life. That is until the one person she’d spent all these years trying to forget is contracted by her magazine’s editor to help her complete the job.

Will Beckett is no longer the twelve-year-old kid who used to play practical jokes on her, tease her and make her belly laugh. Now he’s a ruggedly handsome, sweet talking, successful builder. Despite Will’s wholesome country charm and sexy smile that makes Charlotte’s heart skip a beat, she’s determined to concentrate on the job at hand and protect her heart at all costs.

Will never thought he would see his best friend again, but now she’s back, as stubborn and strong-willed as ever. Her return reminds him all over again of everything she lost because of him, and he desperately wants her forgiveness. As they reacquaint with each other, Will becomes just as determined to reunite their friendship, and he’s set to win her heart.

Can Will break through Charlotte’s wall of defence or will his heart be broken again?

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